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Lake Henry Committees 
Following is a listing of the Lake Henry Committees, along with pertinent details.  Please feel free to reach out to the contact person for the committee you'd like to join!  

(Please note that clicking on the email link will open the default mail client on your computer.  If you do not have one, or only use a cell phone or web mail (ex. yahoo, hotmail, etc), you may need to copy and paste the email address in order to send the email.)

Census / Membership Committee 
Purpose: The Census / Membership Committee is led by Susan Africa with the current focus of determining an accurate LHCA property count versus membership count.
Members: Susan Africa, Lynne Parker, Pam Snyder, Mike D’Onofrio, Michele Tavormina, Ginny Sordillo, Colin Snyder, Sara Costa-Wacovich
Contact:   Please contact Susan Africa at to join, or for more information.

Dam Committee 
Purpose: The Dam Committee is led by John Ujobai with the current focus being the maintenance of the dam and spillway, and providing the annual inspection required by DEP.
Members: John Ujobai, Niel Nielsen, Merle Conner, Mike Dick
Contact:  Please contact John Ujobai at to join, or for more information. 

Dam Remediation Committee 
Purpose: The Dam Remediation Committee is led by John Ujobai with the current focus of evaluating and upgrading the dam as mandated by DEP.
Members: John Ujobai, Cyndee Cann, Michael Dick, Merle Conner, Michael Cann, Keith Williams
Contact: Please contact John Ujobai at to join, or for more information. 

Ecology Committee 
Purpose: The Ecology Committee is led by Lynne Parker and the purpose of the committee includes the following:
  • Water sample collection and delivery to the testing lab 3x per summer
  • Water Sample Data Evaluation / Graphing
  • Coordinating with additional lake bottom owners (Clayton Park and Sordillos)
  • Coordinating with Nature Works on Milfoil Treatments
  • Coordinating with FX Browne and Clayton Park on CSAW Grant
  • Handling Cottager concerns and complaints
Members: Lynne Parker, Bill Burgerhoff, Dan Bauer, Mike D’Onofrio, John Ujobai, Eve D’Onofrio, Merle Conner, Michele Tavormina
Contact:  Please contact Lynne Parker at to join, or for more information.

Finance Committee 
Purpose: The Finance Committee is led by Cyndee Cann with the current focus of:
  •  Managing LHCA cottagers' accounts
              - Includes collecting and recording LHCA dues
              - Includes collecting and recording Dam Assessments, and/or any other special fees or assessments.
  • Handling liens on non-payments
  • Overseeing insurance and bonding of officers for LHCA
  • Paying all valid invoices
Members: Cyndee Cann, John McWhirk, Grace Piconi
Contact:  Please contact John McWhirk at to join, or for more information.

Grievance Committee / Community Liaison
Purpose: The Grievance Committee is led by Michele Tavormina and the purpose of the committee is to address formal complaints by Cottagers.
Members:  Michele Tavormina, Pam Snyder, Merle Conner, Bill Burgerhoff, Niel Nielson, Rich Burok
Contact:  Please contact Michele Tavormina at to file a formal grievance.

Nominating Committee 
Purpose: The Nominating Committee is led by Dan Bauer and the purpose of the committee is to find people to fill up-coming positions on the Board.
Members:  Dan Bauer 
Contact:  Please contact Dan Bauer at to join, or for more information.

Property Committee 
Purpose: The Property Committee is led by Michael Dick and the purpose is to handle issues involving property owned by the LHCA. 
Members: Michael Dick, Lynne Parker
Contact:  Please contact Michael Dick at to join, or more information.

Social / Newsletter Committee / Website
Purpose: The Social Committee is led by Pam Snyder and the purpose of the committee is update and maintain the website.
Members: Pam Snyder, Bill Tavormina
Contact:  Please contact Pam Snyder at to join, or for more information.