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As per LHCA by-laws, all complaints against any member of the Association for any infraction of the rules, regulations or by-laws, either by a member, family members or guests, shall be reported in writing; signed by the person making the complaint, and sent or given to any member on the Grievance Committee or current LHCA President. All LHCA members are responsible for ensuring that their guests adhere to LHCA by-laws so complaints against non-LHCA persons must be attributed to the corresponding LHCA member when filing a grievance.  

The Grievance committee will review the complaint within 20 days and, if necessary, will advise all relevant LHCA parties to appear before the Board of Directors, who will hear the evidence and proof of infraction. Complaints and/or grievances from non-LHCA members will not be considered.  
The Board of Directors, after reviewing the evidence will issue a judgment in keeping with the offense. The member, who is found in violation, by a majority vote, may be suspended from the Association and the privileges thereof, and/or be issued a fine as shown below:

Judgment of the complaint:
 - 1st offense: Warning and/or $100.00 fine.
 - 2nd offense: Three month suspension and/or $200.00 fine.
- 3rd offense: One year suspension and/or $500.00 fine, and must appear before the Board of Directors to regain membership.
The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, increase any fine for a violation to the full cost of remediation.  

All suspended LHCA members are required to maintain ongoing payment of dues and assessments. Any fine or assessment not paid will be placed as a lien on the member’s cottage.


Please click here to go to the Printable Grievance form.  Contact Pam Snyder at for technical support if this attachment does not open for you.  Contact Michele Tavormina at with any questions on how to complete the grievance form.